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Meeting Your Limousine Driver At The Airport

Airport Limo Experts Serving Orange County & Los AngelesThere are those airport limousine services which are thoroughly confounding. The confusion surrounding these services exists in part because of the vast size of airport terminals but also in part due to lackluster drivers and dispatchers. Sometimes it's incompetence other times it's lack of experience that makes airport limousine services a bit bewildering. Believe it or not there are even those limo services that don't tell their clients where they intend to pick them up at. There's nothing worse after a long flight than to be wandering around an airport or on your phone trying to locate your limousine.


Confidence, Competence, And Experience

Here at Associated Fleet Limo we take great pride in offering airport limousine services that are unmatched by anyone else in the industry. We employ only the most experienced drivers and dispatchers and put them through rigorous and strenuous training long before they're ever allowed to take anyone to or pick anyone up from an airport. This are rigorous training ensures that our drivers understand not only the legalities surrounding limo drivers in airports but the importance of punctuality and open communication with our clients. All of our drivers are experienced enough to not just understand the chauffeur's meet their clients in baggage claim areas but understand that they must be easy to find and identify. Our talented dispatching staff stays in constant contact with our drivers both on the way to pick you up from the airport and while waiting for you to arrive. All of this ensures that you will experience a smooth and speedy transition from air to the road.

What Can You Do?

The vast majority of airports are complete and total labyrinths. Moreover laws enacted after 9/11 prohibit limo drivers from wandering airports nor are they allowed past security checkpoints. Although it is extremely uncommon for our clients and drivers to "get lost" there are things you can do to help us help you. The first thing you should do is head to the baggage claim area. As mentioned previously drivers are normally required to wait in this area for their clients and looking for them in other areas is almost always a waste of time. If for some reason you do not see your driver in the baggage claim area keep in mind that airport parking lots are incredibly crowded as are ticket lines and lines for boarding. These things can delay a driver and cause panic and frustration for clients. For those persons who have scheduled an airport limousine pickup but are unable to find their driver after several minutes there is always the option of contacting the actual limousine service. Doing so will allow you to arrange a curbside pickup and alert dispatchers to the problem. In turn they will make contact drivers and direct them to you.

Questions And Concerns?

If you're thinking of scheduling an airport limousine pickup and have questions and/or concerns about our services please don't hesitate to contact us. A knowledgeable and courteous member of our staff will be happy to answer those questions and put your concerns to rest. If you travel frequently and are often in need of airport limousine services keep our information handy. Not only do we offer scheduled airport pickup services but emergency airport limousine services as well. Should there be a change of plans or a problem with an existing limousine service keep us in mind!