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Airport Limousine Tips

Limousine Experts in Orange County and Los AngelesA ride in the limousine can be a thing of both convenience and fun. Both convenience and fun however can go flying out the window when the client of the limousine service is improperly prepared for their ride. The following tips can help clients of any limousine service get the most out of the ride be it for business or for pleasure.


Don't Cell Yourself Short

Although individuals utilize their cell phones more than their land lines you'd be surprised how often individuals leave their limo service with only their home or business phone number. Limousine services are mobile services and so it makes sense to leave your cell number with what ever limousine service you intend to utilize. A cell number allows both drivers and dispatchers to contact you should any problems arise. Without a cell number limousine services may be unable to contact or locate you.

Lots Of Baggage

Prior to September 11, 2001 chauffeurs were often allowed to meet their clients at security gates. Things have changed dramatically since that morose day however and drivers are now required to wait for their clients in the baggage claim area of an airport. There are no exceptions to this rule/law and so it behooves clients to look for their driver in that area first.

Turn It Back On!

Cell phones and other mobile devices must be shut down during both takeoff and landing procedures. Not surprisingly many people forget to turn their cell phones back on after getting off their planes. Getting off a plane individuals can be both frustrated and tired and generally don't give much thought to anything other than grabbing a hot meal and/or getting some rest. Ensuring that cell phones are turned on however after getting off a plane will allow a limo service to get a hold of them and even find them if an airport is particularly hectic. Leaving one's cell phone off after landing is essentially the same as not providing your limousine service with your cell number.

Curb Appeal

While it's certainly true that the vast majority of individuals prefer to be picked up or met in the baggage claim area of an airport nearly all limousine services also offer curbside pickups as well. These can be far less confusing and sometimes faster as a limousine can be part in a specific spot and wait for its client to arrive. In many cases drivers can be put in direct contact with their clients and dive into the area which they are currently in. This saves both driver and client from having to look through a large crowd for one another.

Confirmation Number

In the unlikely event that a limousine doesn't arrive on time or doesn't show altogether individuals want to have their confirmation number handy. When they contact their limousine service they'll need to give this number to whomever they speak with in order to clear up and correct the matter. Confirmation numbers are like a certain type of credit card in that you don't want to leave home without it.

Hitting The Road Early

Scheduling an early pickup is a great idea for individuals who intend to fly out of an extremely busy airport. Individuals leave early for work, doctors appointments, and to get to school. Flying out of an airport should be treated no differently and individuals should give themselves plenty of time to not only get to their particular airport of choice/necessity but plenty of time to check-in and board as well.

Stay Up-To-Date

Prior to getting into their limousines individuals should first get an update on their flight schedule. This can be done either by calling the airport or by checking various websites online. Any delays or changes in flight schedules should prompt an individual to contact their limousine service right away. Failure to do so can lead to delays and other types of complications with a limousine service.

Get To Know One Another

Many limousine services offer a sort of meet and greet in order to answer questions and ease concerns of prospective clients. Individuals who intend on utilizing an airport limousine service should most definitely take advantage of these meet ups as they can clear up a lot of confusion, help keep expectations realistic, and all allow clients to become comfortable not only with a specific company but their potential driver as well.